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I just wanted to send a huge thank you for the live review course offered by APEA. It prepared me well for the AANP certification examination, as I passed the first time I completed the exam. I felt very confident throughout the study period and upon completing the exam. I would highly recommended this course to future students!

Sara Henderson

I have met the "LIVE REVIEW CREW" twice...you know why? Because they honor the company promise! I was afraid to ask about the guarantee, I didn't want to admit I had failed! When I finally got up the courage to contact APEA I heard back in less than 24 hours with, "how can we help?". I attended one of the last on-site reviews before COVID-19 caused the country to shut down. Free of charge too, as promised! It was a great review! I asked the experts for advise and they pointed me to the Predictor Exams. I finally understood that the APEA Predictor Exams offered much more than other companies Practice Exams. I bought three more exams. Betty strongly encouraged me to not try and test again until I could score a 70% or greater on a Predictor Exam. I had already taken several but I had not once hit that magic 70. Then, Predictor exam #7 I scored a 74. A 74!! I tested 2 days later and I PASSED! The emotional hit you take when you fail the exam multiple times is huge. I know. But APEA never once made me feel inferior to my peers. No one knew or cared how many review courses I had attended! We ALL had ONE GOAL, and in that we are a UNITED group! Thank you again! Crystal that know I am just one among thousands of people who s of the many students they only 1 student in a super-sized pool of students they help every day, but for that one exciting "I can't believe I passed" moment, If this happens to you, don't wait! Contact APEA. Crystal

Crystal Mapes

As a student at Chamberlain University, I studied for my MSN, FNP track. Our university used and promoted the products of Dr. Amelie Hollier and her associates at APEA. I enjoyed those products, but it wasn’t until the Live Review course, they I fell in love with these professionals. Their expertise and love for the profession captivated me and I’m sure everyone else. They made learning fun and were effective in teaching through their passion. In September 22, 2020 I passed my NP boards and became certified through AANP. I cannot thank APEA enough for their products, predictor exams, and Live Review, they allowed me to be successful. I applaud their dedication to nursing and education. I recommend their products to all student and practicing nurse practitioners. Thank you Dr. Amelie, Dr. Mimi, and the entire staff at APEA, I couldn’t have done it without you!

James Calevro

I absolutely loved taking this review course! Amelie is so animated and her accent is amazing, I can still hear her voice in my head. I feel like I learned more in 2 days then I learned in my whole education. I honestly wish it could be an even longer course so I could learn as much as possible from Amelie! I passed my AANP exam first try, and while the exam was quite a doozy I don't think I would've had the needed foundation that Amelie provided to pass without taking this course. Thank you!

Jenny Purull

I first bought the predictor exams, then the Q Bank, and then the On Demand Course, but the icing on the cake was The Web Live Course. All the content is presented well and is threaded throughout all the all the documents. As a GNP who just completed FNP program, I felt it essential to avail myself for this outstanding review course/products. Melissa Lockhart, PhD, APRN, GNP-BC

Melissa Lockhart

I passed my certification boards today and I owe it to APEA. Thank You!!!

Kevin Garrison

The APEA review course was really well done. I purchased the MP3 and the corresponding review book and I found it to be adequate to pass the AANP exam-first try :). Amelie deconstructed all the essential information that was needed to know in an easy to remember/ understand manner. Thank you !

Rajesh Talpade

I loved my APEA review course! I was disappointed as it had to switch from in-person to live webinar due to unforeseen changes surrounding coronavirus , but APEA made the transition seamless, and I still gained so much from the course. I can still hear Amelie's voice helping me to remember iron studies and the famous Mr. Peyton Manning As MVP valve issues! I passed my exam first time, and am excited to launch my new FNP career. =)

Shaune Bullock

The absolute best! This is what made me successful in passing my state board exam. Dr. Hollier was phenomenal and so interesting to listen to. She broke down everything that was needed to know in an easy to remember and easy to understand way!

Tiffany Hoy

By far the best review (and I took another a few months before this one)! I took the review a week before I passed boards and this review was on point with the exam! I passed on my first try. Dr. Hollier was amazing along with the other two that ran the review. They had such a great energy that I really appreciated. THANK YOU!

Llogan Yosten

APEA is by far the best review. I passed my boards on Friday, three weeks after the review. I also purchased the Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care book. This is THE primary care book to have. Current and thorough information.

Jennifer Hilton

Fantastic course, pace kept everyone moving along well. Some of the content I wish had been in my program.

Susan Batten

I highly recommend APEA to all my peers. It is what you need to pass your certification. They provide you with review courses, questions, predictor exams, books, etc.. They prepare you so well that you will pass your exam. Thank you!!!

Meylien D Lee

Thank you!! I took the review course in July and purchased the qbank questions and a predictor exam. I enjoyed the review, it was just the right amount of information! Then the tips that were offered: 1. Review the book in depth to identify knowledge deficits 2. Study the deficit area to gain concrete understanding 3. Do the qbank questions as supplemental to your knowledge. 4. Take predictor exam and study your weak areas. I followed the tips and was successful in my exam. As a visual learner the questions were vital to my success because I was able to answer nearly 3200 question that were in test format. Thank you! I have already recommended this course to many friends!!

Heather Jones

APEA all the way! I’ve passed my AANP exam with the help of the review course and the practice questions book. It was the perfect study material. The predictor exam that I took after the review course allowed me to focus on my weak areas. No regrets here!

Jennifer Diaz

After taking this review course on Monday and Tuesday, I took and passed my FNP exam on Friday!! This was the best decision I ever made in preparing for my exam! The information was presented in a relaxed format and was delivered in an easy to understand method. I look forward to continuing my education with this team! Thank you to Dr Amelie, Dr Mimi, and Dr Kathy!!

Stacey Pulver

My only wish is that I took this course at the start of my precepting and again before the exam itself. Completely worth the time and cost.

John Day

This review course was WELL worth the money! What friendly and knowledgeable presenters! I would recommend this to anyone.

krisa fenton

Thank you for the review course because I feel more content with my studying for the exam. I am also utilizing the strategies for studying and they give me consistency in my studying. The discounted material I bought during the review has also solidified my understanding of the content in every system I have studied so far. Very thankful. Will keep you posted after the exam. Thanks

Precious Simataa

APEA review is very helpful! My school is using this. It is very comprehensive. I also love the audio coz I can listen even when driving or even while doing chores in the house. I passed the FNP exam! Thank you Amelie and your team!

Loida Buaquina

I am so happy to say I passed my certification and am now an FNP-C. Thanks to Ms. Hollier and her excellent team for an awesome review course and excellent care on-point book. I was able to achieve my dreams, This course is outstanding and I highly recommend it. Thanks again to Ms. Holier and the APEA.

George Davis

I am so thankful for the APEA review course. I felt it was a thorough review and adequate preparation for boards. I appreciate the instructors sharing their knowledge and experience. I had to contact APEA several times for various reasons and was always accommodated in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend the APEA review course in preparation for boards.

Leann Beaty

I exclusively used APEA resources to prepare for the AANP certification exam, and I am so happy I did! I went to an in-person review session back in February 2020 and used the clinical guidelines book, MyQBank, and predictor exams. I felt so prepared to go into the exam, and as I was taking the exam, no question threw me off. They have provided such thorough and precise information, and it has helped me feel so much more confident as I move forward in my career! I will continue to use them to continue to learn and grow as a CNP!

Sara Grayson

I just wanted to send a message to let the team at APEA know that I’m very thankful for everything they do for students in helping their dreams come true. Also want to let to let them know that the products are really helpful and really helpful towards being successful on the exam. I passed my exam on the first try!! Thank you so much for such an amazing product and experience I will never forget!

Cynthia Elkins

I have yet to take my exam, however, I just completed all of the videos in the package, and I am impressed. I had originally planned not to purchase a review course but felt that I needed some kind of a solid schedule to keep me moving forward. Besides providing me with structure, the course very well summarized key points in a way that I feel is helping me retain the information. I have also learned a good amount of new info, which makes me grateful to have this info for future practice. Studying has been enjoyable.

Steph P

I passed boards on my first attempt yesterday. Hollier was spot on and I heard her as I was taking my exam. I will also continue to use her during practice because she has a way to break things down and make them so easy to understand. Highly recommend

Kristina Whitten

I took boards at the beginning of July and passed. I thoroughly enjoyed your live review courses. There were so many wonderful things that I learned and will probably never forget. I watched the review one last time the week of my exam just as a refresher at that point. Oh some of those videos are hysterical. I found myself laughing at the same stuff I had already watched but it was just so funny! I think all of us who took the exam already will never forget the IBS joke! If you havent heard it, you will soon find out. 😂Thank you so much!

Amanda C

I just graduated at the end of June. Scheduled my AANP exam and took my live review course to prepare July 7 and 8th. I took the exam July 18th and passed first time!! I can't say thank you enough!! Your review was wonderful and prepared me for the exam. There is a wide variety of exam pre courses, books, test bank questions, etc. but none are better than yours. Thank you again!!! Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis

Passing AANP boards was almost wholly due to Dr Amelie and Dr Mimi’s review presentation. My class was originally scheduled for live review in Chicago, but Covid had other plans. They were able to adjust and make ends meet with a highly valuable online review experience. I certainly wouldn’t have passed boards on the first attempt without APEA.

Ryan Juhl

I took Amelie's live review class in January prior to finishing my last quarter. The review was helpful for taking my final exam as well as prepping me for the AANP exam. Unfortunately, when I finished class Covid hit, and all exam sites in my tri-state area were closed. I reviewed her information several times as well as taking a predictor exam and studying certification practice questions from the APEA book. I was able to secure a test site for May 29th and passed. I heard Amelie's voice several times during my testing, and I could not have done it without her. I felt extremely confident going into the test, and I finished in an hour. I did not read into the questions, but decided on an answer before reading rest of the question, and then re-read the questions one to two more times and stuck with my gut instinct. I would highly recommend Amelie's review course! Thanks for everything!

Kaley McNab

The course with Amelie was absolutely invaluable to my success. I graduated in May, took the course in July and passed my exam on the first try the following week. Amelie makes sure to focus on key areas, provide excellent tips for remembering important facts/diagnoses/assessments, and does it all while being encouraging and positive. I went into my exam feeling prepared. I can’t recommend her enough!

Christina Warden

I highly recommend this review course. I could not have passed this test without Dr. Amelie's help. I took the audio and live recorded reviews and there was nothing left untaught. I was fully prepared for the exam, which was not easy! Thank you so much Dr. Amelie and Dr. Mimi! You gave me a new career! Also, get the medication cards and the sample tests. They are well worth the money!

Lora White

I took the live review course in March. I felt that it throughly discussed what we needed to focus on to be prepared for the exam. I also utilized the practice questions and predictor exams, which were similar to what I experienced on the exam. Amelie is very outgoing in her presentation, and keeps your attention. Would highly recommend.

Lindsey Richards

I passed my AANP exam the first try on June 19, 2020! Whew...what a relief!! I utilized ALL of the study aids offered by APEA including the live online review, predictor exams, QBank, and the wonderful books by Dr. Hollier. Even though I did try other review program tools, in the end I concentrated solely on APEA products since they were clearly the best option available. I want to thank the educators themselves for being such great examples of health and enthusiasm for the field...very inspirational at a time when I needed that incentive. I highly recommend APEA!!

Holly Robinson

I took the live online course on May 24 and 25th. Amelie was impressive along with Mimi and Kathy! I watched the videos again and reviewed the written materials. I could hear Amelie loud and clear and see her ponytail bouncing while I was testing! I am happy to say, "I PASSED!" I highly recommend Hollier's APEA review to everyone! My advice is to study daily, keep tabs on your weaknesses so you can improve upon them, then go in there and ace that test!

Jeannene Musgrove

I took the APEA live review Webinar on May 24 & 25, took the AANP board certifying exam on June 20th and I'm happy to report I PASSED!! I owe a big part of my success on the exam to the APEA live course webinar and all the other resources I've purchased (Question bank, certification practice question book, and other clinical tools) during school. Oh and I must make a special mention and a big thank you to Dr. Hollier for her categorization and referencing of cardiac murmurs to her all time favorite NFL player (Peyton Manning) and ARMS. I had a few questions on the topic and I was able to answer them with ease. Again, thank you to everyone at APEA for their contribution in putting forward an impressive live review course Webinar and other awesome resource material.

Elva Ross

I took the Live Webinar course on May 24th & 25th purchased the QBanks, and took a pre and post predictor exam. I am happy to report, I passed on the first try on June 16th! Amelie does a fantastic job in teaching the material. The QBanks were difficult, but, they prepared me for the AANP exam. I highly recommend her products! Thank you APEA

Cathy Kelley

Taking this review course gave me the confidence I needed to pass my AANP exam. Dr. Amelie and Dr. Mimi are wonderful teachers. They make the learning environment fun and engaging. I definitely recommend this course, it is worth every penny!

Ruth Whitney

Enjoyed the webnar review course! It really helped bring things together for me! It also boosted my confidence. I passed first try on the AANP exam today!!

Karen Fosbrink

Really enjoyed live review course via webinar style. Information covered in the course appeared in the questions of my AANP exam over and over again. The style of teaching by Dr. Hollier really helped with information retention and recall. The review is really elegant in its logical progression and breakdown of complex concepts into simple steps. Highly recommended for anyone preparing for the certification exam.

Yuliya Lapierre

Dr. Hollier’s review is right on point with knowledge you need to know both for exam and practice. I felt it contributed to my success in passing the exam on the first try.

Katie Torres

The review course was amazing! They provided the up to date content information I needed not only to pass my exam but to start practicing soon! Thank you all so much! Totally worth the time and money!

Samantha Tuttle

I am so grateful that I was able to participate in the live webinar. It was totally worth it. My exam was delayed due to the corona virus so what better time to review before I could take the certification exam after being delayed for 3 months and passing!

Pattie Axtman

I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful course. A friend told me how wonderful and helpful your live courses are. I decided to take your live webinar and could not have made a better choice. Im an NP who took 12 years off to raise my family. I had to retake the boards a couple years ago which I passed. I’ve been working as an NP doing annual health and wellness evaluations for a little over a year and would like to transition to a position where I’m seeing all ages and also treating patients. My confidence in my ability to make this transition has been pretty low. My friend insisted your course would give me the knowledge I need and boost my confidence. She could not have been more right. I love how you gave us all the most important things that we need to know like it’s our middle name and made it simple to understand and master. I am excited to review everything and make sure I know it like the back of my hand. Your course boosted my confidence and made my transition into another NP role seem possible. I ordered almost every resource that you offered on discount and all the ones you highly recommended. I can’t wait to use them to really learn this info as well as to have a solid, updated library that will be easy to use. Thank you sooo much Amalie and Mimi! You are both THE BEST! And thank you for being so accessible by sharing your contact info! I highly recommend this course to all NP’s!!

Jennifer Brown

Hollier does a great job of summing everything you've learned in NP school in short-time. Her predictor exams were very helpful in identifying weaker areas that needed improvement. Her questions, and the ANCC-FNP exam are very similar. I was ready for some cardiac questions, but I got none! I passed first time and had a ton of time to spare. Much gratitude!

Nancy Chen

I attended the live webinar course via Zoom due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Dr. Hollier and her team provided an excellent review class which provided me the knowledge I needed not only to pass my exam but also gave me confidence that I can be a prudent entry-level FNP. :) I actually followed the advice they gave, and I can honestly say that about 99% of the test content I took was covered in the review class. Needless to say, I passed my AANP exam. :) I am looking forward to meet Dr. Hollier and her team someday.

Elle Gonzaga

Dr. Hollier is simply unbelievable. She not only delivers a great live review but also great practice questions. After taking the exam I can tell you she has a 99% pass rate for a reason.

Seth Benge

I attended the Live Review with Chamberlain College of Nursing in Chicago, IL. The Intensive review thoroughly prepared me for the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) AANP Certification Exam. In addition to attending the Live review, I also answered the board prep questions in Question Bank. My approach to studying was to watch the recorded Live Reviews and answer Question Bank questions for the subject area that was just watched. I also did another Practice Exam 5 days prior to taking the certification exam. The APEA products provide the foundation needed to apply critical thinking on the AANP exam.


I completed the Live Webinar version of the review course and I credit Amelie and her team for helping me pass the FNP exam! This wasn't just a cut and paste review of adult health topics. Questions relating to case studies were part of the review and helped us to understand why we came to the answers. It was unlike any past review course I have taken in the past. I will absolutely be looking into future courses with Amelie.

Ashley Calabrese

I attended a pre-COVID19 in person review class in Columbus. I really enjoyed this comprehensive review. Amelie and Mimi kept it interesting, and the supplemental materials are excellent. I took my AANP boards yesterday, and PASSED on the first attempt! I highly recommend the review course and the predictor exams (I bought the 2 test package). The exams gave me the extra level of confidence I needed going into the exam. 10/10

Kimberly Young

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